Nine Breeders - 9 breeders of Tampa Bay Florida are crooks

Tampa, Florida 0 comments

DO NOT BUY ANY PUPPIES FROM THIS PLACE!!!I recently bought a boxer puppy from 9 breeders, they gave me the paperwork from the initial vet visit regarding my puppy and it wasn't even for my puppy.

They tried to tell me that my 7 pound BOXER puppy was 15 wks old that she was just the runt. We took her to the vet, come to find out the paperwork they gave me was FORGED by the vet clinic, the vet had NEVER seen my pup. Then we found that my puppy has a heart murmur, a cold, and anemia and OUR vet told us that it is impossible for our puppy to be that old because her molers would've come in already, I got a second oppinion and the other vet said the same thing. After hundreds of dollars spent, she is doing well and I am seeking an attorney to shut these people DOWN.

These people are CROOKS!They should be shut down for this abuse to the animals and their potential owners.

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